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In Search of My Identity is a 77-minute documentary feature. This film is Director Pires’ journey of discovery into the history and relationship between the West Coast of Africa and the East Coast of the Americas, particularly Brazil, Aruba, Cuba, Saint Vincent, Jamaica, and the United States. Cape Verde and its diverse multi-cultural peoples were situated within the context of a slave society and the slave trade.

In Search of My Identity explores questions related to the Cape Verdean identity, race, religion, ethnicity, art, music, language, and contemporary social issues.

Logline: A documentary centered on the life, legacy, and assassination of Amilcar Cabral, a revolutionary, poet, liberation philosopher, and leader of the independence movement of five African nations. Cabral’s influence extended well beyond West Africa’s shores, the pan-Africanist movement, and the black liberation movement in the US. He is widely regarded as one of humanity’s great thinkers, with one of his memorable quotes being “Tell no lies, claim no easy victories, Amilcar Cabral.”

Short Synopsis

THE HEART OF AMILCAR CABRAL is an epic, 90-minute documentary chronicling a statesman’s vision and his unique ability to formulate a theory of liberation in the shadow of a colonial Empire. Considered to be one of the greatest theoreticians of the African Revolution, Amilcar Lopes da Costa Cabral was the father of modern African Nationalism in the 20th century. He was a writer, a poet, a critical thinker, and an Agronomist.

Road of the Sea, is a feature documentary film from Txan Film Productions & Visual Arts, Inc. Created, Produced, and Directed by Guenny K. Pires.Being Cape Verdean, our identity is constantly challenged. This film connects you to the history of the Cape Verde Islands – where Africa ends and the New World begins.Also includes discussion of Cape Verdean captains and their transatlantic voyages.
Connects with both African American and Hispanic history.Why exist a large Jewish community?

Zózimo Bulbul, ‘The Black Filmmaker’ is a 56-min. biopic tracing the Filmmaker’s turbulent life including his academic and audiovisual career while faced with racial prejudice through the decades in Brazil. Forced into exile from his beloved Brazil, he chose other stops as a way to cultivate and establish himself in the film world. A beautiful and touching story, fantastically narrated by famous stage Actor, Michael Lange. It provides a rich filmography of Bulbul’s 30 plus films from around the world.


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