Txan Film Can Help You To Tell Your Stories!

An award-winning film and video production company serving clients nationwide and international. Txan Film offer the best, most comprehensive pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. We offers wholesale DVD marketing and distribution services for your independent film, documentary, foreign movie, or instructional DVD.

Narrative & Documentary Films

* Music Video
* TV Trailer
* Commercial
* Corporate Video
* Educational Video


* Home Entertainment: Blu-Ray,
DVD-on-Demand & In DVD-on-Demand
* Cable & Television Broadcast
* Internet



* Digital Film Shooting
* Digital Photography
* Producing
* Directing


* Digital Film Editing
* 2D & 3D Motion Graphics
* Music Score
* Sound Design with Mix to Picture
* Songwriters and Music Composers
* Print Design Packaging Ready For Distribution

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