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road-of-the-seaRoad of the Sea, is a feature documentary film from Txan Film Productions & Visual Arts, Inc. Created, Produced, and Directed by Guenny K. Pires.Being Cape Verdean, our identity is constantly challenged.

This film connects you to the history of the Cape Verde Islands - where Africa ends and the New World begins.Also includes discussion of Cape Verdean captains and their transatlantic voyages.
Connects with both African American and Hispanic history.Why exist a large Jewish community?

Over the centuries Cape Verde Islands, became a harbor of Jews fleeing European persecution or in search of economic opportunities. The Portuguese king granted a Royal Charter in 1466 to have the right" to trade in slaves for Portuguese residing in Cape Verde.Why did the Cape Verde Islands become the First Slavery Port?

How do people in our society currently view the Slave Trade?Cape Verde Islands became the first slave port of West Africa, whose many mixed race inhabitants have migrated and formed communities in the Unite States, Caribbean, Africa, and Europe.Cape Verde Islands is not very well known to the world. A former Portuguese colony independent since 1975 however the Cape Verdean society existed for more than five centuries.Formed by mixed population of European and African slaves provides a unique story of the complexities of migration, political, race, and ethnic identity.Everyone should see this film. Narrated in English. The languages: Creole (Cape Verdean) English, and Portuguese with English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish subtitles.