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Txan Film is a four-member production company based in Los Angeles, California that produces audiovisual materials, including but not limited to: documentaries, docudramas, fiction films, and educational materials. Its aim is to produce informative multi-media resources and entertainment that cover societies and cultures within the African Diaspora – primarily of the Atlantic region (islands of the Caribbean, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe) and the Americas, that is not normally covered by mainstream media and/or within scholarly discourse. The development and exposure of Cape Verdean culture is at the forefront of Txan Film’s objectives. For more information or to find out how you can work with and/or support Txan Film Productions & Visual Arts, Inc please: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our first series of film projects focuses on Republic of Cape Verde, an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean some 370 miles off the coast of West Africa. Currently, Txan Film is working on post-production of six feature-length documentary films namely: In Search of my Identity, Road of the Sea, The Heart of Amilcar Cabral, Music, Soul & People, Soul of Caldeiras, and Zozimo Bulbul, an Black Filmmaker. Our immediate needs are for funds to complete the post-production of documentary  In Search of my Identity.”

Our films examine the rich culture and varied life experiences of Cape Verdeans in Cape Verde and around the world, covering such diverse themes as history, art and festival life, music, education, language, politics, socioeconomic and environment issues, immigration and globalization. Also, our projects are closely linked to Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, United States and other countries that had contributed for the expansion of the values and the culture occidental to the New World.

We believe each people, regardless of what culture they are a part, are the keepers of the land. They know how the environment functions and how it can be maintained. It is important that a way be found to help people survive in their respective environments. The world is slowly coming to the realization that survival of indigenous peoples is necessary to human survival as a whole.

These islands were important trans-shipment points during the early trans-Atlantic slave trade and the labor of countless African and Afro-Creole peoples who passed through and settled there helped build the global power base of the colonial nations. It is only fair, five centuries since the inception of a lucrative slave trade, that the nations that benefited from this trade look toward assisting the impoverished peoples left behind by progress.

Our Mission

Our mission is to tell stories that may not otherwise be heard and to give a voice to those who do not have access to mass media. Our hope is that our films create a bridge to connect people and nations of Africa, Americas, Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America by sharing human stories in historical and cultural context in a way that will allow new generations to understand their history and become better-informed citizens of the world.

Our production crew are compromised to create different kind of script/screenplays focused on Lusophone, Hispanic, African Diaspora and Caribbean with particular emphasis to the Cape Verdean-American, African American binding to it with its culture its history throughout the five centuries. For over 550 years, Blackness became the norm for everyone from the continent of Africa. We want the audience to distinguish Africa’s diverse cultures and languages and the cultural connection between West Coast of Africa and the East Coast of the Americas, particularly Brazil, Belize, Cuba, Aruba, Curacao, Grenada and Saint Vincent.

This work has far reaching implications not only for the long term benefit of the people of Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe, African Diaspora but is a story that reaches into every facet of our history and presents new ways to think about sustainable development based on a lessening of the use of resources whose extraction leads to climate change and environmental degradation in general.

Txan Film’s are cataloged by subjects and they are available online could be consulted for students of different academics levels, well thus for the education of the society, in the direction to develop cultural Inter bows between all the peoples of the world, nominally the Cape Verdeans, Portuguese, African American in U.S.A., Europe, Caribbean, Africa and the Portuguese-Speaking-Countries-Communities.

Our professionals have been invited to create and develop different kinds of projects with excellent results, which were distinguished with different types of awards from the social and educational institutions at to higher level, such academies, international film festivals, advice, consulting, conferences and workshops.