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DVD - In Search of My Identity

Brand: Txan Film
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In Search of My Identity, is a 85-minute documentary feature. This film is Director Pires' own personal journey of discovery into the history and relationship between the West Coast of Africa and the East Coast of the Americas particularly Brazil, Aruba, Cuba, Saint Vincent, Jamaica and the United States. Cape Verde, and its diverse multi-cultural peoples were situated within the context of a slave society and the slave trade.In Search of My Identity
• Explores questions related to the Cape Verdean identity, race, religion, ethnicity, art, music, language and contemporaneous social issues.
• Refers back to the Portuguese colonial days of slavery and the Post-colonial African liberation movement in the Republic of Cape Verde, Guine Bissau, Senegal, and Ghana.
• Narrating stories while tracing the roots and presents a culture, as it has never been seen before. The film shows how life experiences and struggles create encounters between generations, cultures, and histories.

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